VII School on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics


From August 21 to 1 September 2017


Escuela Politécnica Nacional, Quito, Ecuador
Yachay University, Urcuquí, Imbabura, Ecuador


The VII School on Cosmic Rays and Astrophysics is part of a series of schools held in Latinamerica since 2004. The schools have the aim to provide a comprehensive overview of the theoretical and experimental aspects of cosmic ray physics and astrophysics to the Latin American community.
It is open to late-term undergraduate, graduate students, and to researchers interested in learning the essentials of these fields. The list of lecture topics includes: experimental techniques, primary spectrum and composition of cosmic rays; high-energy interactions; gamma ray astronomy and GRBs; neutrino astrophysics; cosmic ray detectors; dark matter and present status of the development and results from several present-day observatories such as the Pierre Auger, HAWC, CTA, etc. These introductory lectures will provide students with a common background, while specialized seminars will give them an updated panorama.


Our primordial objective is to inspire students and young researchers to participate in astroparticle physcis and astrophysics collaborations. The School will be implemented with theoretical and experimental lectures on the different aspects of cosmic ray physics and astrophysics. We would like to emphasize in the facilities among Latin America to promote future collaborations.
We consider fundamental the early interaction between students and experienced scientists, and as it has been done in past schools the contributions made by participants will be on a proceedings supervised by the instructors and the International Adviser Committee.

Student presentations:

We call for both oral and poster presentations by participants. There will be slots for a limited number of oral/poster presentations by participants, but selection will be made based on the abstracts and other information provided at registration.


International Advisory Committee:
  • Oscar Saavedra (Torino) Chair
  • Antonella Castellina (Torino)
  • Paolo Lipari (INFN)
  • Pino Disciascio (INFN)
  • Oscar Martínez (BUAP)
  • Mary Díaz (UNICAMP)
  • Ibrahim Torres (INAOE)
  • José Bellido (U. Adelaide)
  • Edivaldo Santos (USP)
  • Carola Dobrigkeit Chinellato (UNICAMP)
  • Arnulfo Zepeda (MCTP)
Local Organizing Committee:
  • Nicolás Vásquez (EPN) - Chair
  • Christian Vásconez (EPN)
  • Juan Lobos (Yachay Tech)
  • Dennis Cazar (USFQ)
  • Galileo Violini (ESPOCH)
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