Cosmic Ray Origin -
beyond the standard models

One hundred years after their discovery great progress has been made in understanding the origin of the cosmic rays, but many questions remain. There is now convincing evidence for the long-suspected role of supernova remnants, but it is also clear that not all remnants contribute equally or at the same level throughout their evolution (and indeed there are questions about their overall efficiency as accelerators). In addition to supernova remnants there are strong hints that other categories of sources, such as pulsar wind nebulae, OB associations, GRBs etc, may contribute. This conference is held to critically examine the contributions of various Galactic sources to the cosmic ray production.

The conference will take place at the Conference centre of San Vito di Cadore (Dolomites, Italy) from 16-22 March 2014.

Some of the key questions that should be discussed are:
What evidence do we have for the SNR origin?
What other sources might there be in the Galaxy?
What causes the knee?
Where (in energy) is the transition to an extra-Galactic component?
What extra-Galactic sources are conceivable?

The invited speakers cover a very broad range of topics to discuss and we encourage everybody to propose a talk about recent Cosmic Ray studies.

There will be also the option to present posters at the conference; moreover the topics of all the posters will be discussed in a dedicated oral session.

The discussed topics and the results of the talks and posters will be summarized in a conference proceeding which will guide as a review on the recent Cosmic Ray studies.