Conference Proceedings

The proceedings of the conference will be published as a monographic issue of Nuclear Physics B, Proceedings Series (Elsevier). Please find below Elsevier's specific instructions on manuscript preparation.

A template package is available from the journal webpage at:
(on the right hand side menu, second link from the top) and from the journal's Guide for Authors at

For your easy accessibility, please find here the templates: zip and dotx files.

Because all papers need to be handed to the publisher by mid-July (so the book can be out in 2014), we set JUNE 15, 2014 as the deadline for submitting the papers to us -- so there will still be a month to review and possibly update the papers. We understand, and apologise for, the pressure we are putting on you: but we are certain about the quality and the importance of these Proceedings. When your paper is ready, please send it by e-mail in gzipped format to Omar Tibolla and to Massimo Persic
 by JUNE 15, 2014.  

The lengths of the papers reflect both the limits imposed on the book size (up to 399 pp.) and on the status of the talk (invited vs. solicited/contributed vs. historical) as specified in the email to all contributors.