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International School of Renewable Energy

About the activity

In recent years, different groups of the national and international scientific community of different centers and research institutes in the field of knowledge of Renewable Energies, have been linked and for the first time at local and national level the initiative to formalize large collaborations is created that contribute mainly to social improvements through the training of human resources, training and dissemination of science. This, with the purpose of creating joint efforts for linking and developing national technology in this field of knowledge, promoting innovation and constant technological development of the country. Specifically, the proposed activities seek to contribute to sustainable energy diversification at the national level, without losing the importance and responsibility that comes with the sustainable use of renewable resources.

As part of the objectives of the International School  of Renewable Energy, is to teach the theoretical and practical bases with the use of analysis tools, which allows students to understand and contribute to the various related research topics. In addition, it is expected to favor the opportunity for interaction between students and researchers, fostering national and international associations, and potentially leading to new projects.

The topics that will be addressed are from the area of solar energy, wind energy, bioenergy, fuel cells, bioclimatic design and development of materials for applications of renewable energy systems, among other specific topics.

certificate form: https://goo.gl/cRXMEr​​​​​​​

Event details

Place: University City UNACH, Tuxtla Guierrez, Chis, Mex.


Date: August 13 - 15, 2018


Event time: 08:00 a,m.

Organizing committee

 PhD. Jorge Evaristo Conde Díaz (UNICACH)
 PhD. Heber Vilchis Bravo (UNICACH)
PhD. Luis Fernando Santis Espinosa (MCTP, UNACAR)

Level of activity and requirements

For assistants with intermediate knowledge in Renewable Energy

Contact information

Contact name: PhD. L. Fernando Santis Espinosa 

Email: [email protected] and [email protected]